Image of Senggal Senggol Gang Damai

Senggal Senggol Gang Damai

Welcome to Gang Damai, a little street on a corner of Jakarta. Gang Damai has been just like a mini Indonesia, where people from Sabang to Merauke live together. With their houses almost hugging each other, livingin Gang Damai is always full of color. As always in a neighborhood, everything could happen in Gang Damai. Visiting the sick, welcoming the newborn, greeting each other, setting a smiley face, saying proper words, sharing foods, are a series of good deeds in a neighborhood. But, conflicts could happen between its residents sometime; and breaking up the peacefulness of Gang Damai.

The conflicts, even could be triggered by trivial causes which sometimemaking a resident uneasy or even feeling disturbed, such as loudly played stereo set, throttling up the motorcycle while it’s being warmed up, speeding on the cluster complex, or honking motorcycle’s horn repeatedly.

Could the peacefulness of Gang Damai be always kept with so many characters of its residents? Let’s play as Ucup, Mbak Sri, Ferdinand, andPoltak to create a peaceful neighborhood in Gang Damai, for to be a good resident is a duty.