Image of Acaraki, The Java Herbalist

Acaraki, The Java Herbalist

This game based on  Madhawapura inscription that stated the existence of Acaraki, a term to describe a profession of Jamu Maker. Jamu, deriving from a Javanese term that refers to centuries old mixture of pure nature’s herbs.
This is a game about the students of Ra Tanca, the legendary Acaraki of Majapahit. Since he was considered to be opposed to Kalagemet, King Majapahit, Ra Tanca was sentenced to jail in Kotaraja. But he asked his students to continue helping  and cure people of Majapahit. Players will play as Acaraki, one of Ra Tanca students. You must collect materials, then gather into Jamu, to cure various diseases suffered by Majapahit people. Compete to determine who will be the next Ra Tanca, the greatest Acaraki of Majapahit!